Implementing the Batch Layer of Lambda Architecture

In the previous post, we implemented the first part of our system (Data collection and storage). In this post, we will implement the second part of our system, which is Batch Layer of Lambda Architecture. The Batch Processing of our

Data collection and storage

As briefly explained in Overview of the Project, we will use Twitter4j library to collect Twitter’s stream data, publish this data to Kafka, then save it in Cassandra database. The details about how to publish Twitter’s data to Kafka can

Sending and receiving messages between Akka Actors

As mentioned in the tutorial Introduction to Apache Akka, Akka Actors communicate with each other using messages, which are any type of object but they must be immutable. In general, objects like String, Int, Boolean are all immutable objects. In

Life cycle of an actor

In this tutorial, we will write a program that demonstrates the life cycle of an Akka actor by overriding the following four functions: preStart(), preRestart(), postStop() and postRestart().The use of these four functions can be described using the following chart

Writing a basic Akka program

In this tutorial, we will write a basic Akka program to create Actors and send messages between actors. First, we add the following dependency of Akka to the pom.xml file:

In Akka, Actors are defined by extending the “Actor”